Using Equal Energy Exchange (E3) to Troubleshoot Work Irritations


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Are you the person at work who always shows up and gets results? Maybe you are the person who your colleagues or your boss come to when they need someone to work through a difficult project or step in to lead a presentation at the last minute. 

Being the “go-to” person may feel good sometimes, especially initially. But over time, you may notice this feeling begins to shift. It may transform into resentment, frustration, or even anger. 

You want to help and show up for your people, but at what cost to you? When it comes at the cost of your time and energy and without a reciprocal amount of energy returned, the unequal balance of energy can quickly deteriorate otherwise good relationships. It’s a common problem today even among talented and established individuals, leaders, and teams.

The problem with unequal energy exchange is that it’s often misdiagnosed. When I first speak to individuals, no one ever asks for help with their boundary issues. Instead they explain feeling overwhelmed or carrying resentment towards work or colleagues. Some report feeling that they have no time for themselves and long for the days when they feel free. All of these descriptions disguise what are boundary issues which are a result of unequal energy exchanges.

I can spot the diagnosis of an unequal energy exchange a mile away, and get to the underlying cause, because I’ve experienced it myself. Years ago, I said yes to almost any request for help at work. I performed, I pleased, and I was a producer of much. However, it was energetically taxing me and it was at a cost that I didn’t recognize at the time. I rarely asked for the help that I needed even when I was at my sickest. 

Fast forward to today, and the opposite is true. I now use the Equal Energy Exchange (E3) to prevent me from getting into the predicament of being over-extended, annoyed, or worse – resentful.  I have a high value for my energy. I’m a master at establishing and holding my boundaries so that I never sacrifice myself or blame others because I didn’t say no. I know that it is my job to balance the energy scales, not anyone else’s. By understanding the energy exchange I am never a victim and can rectify inequities quickly. I know how to restore energetic equilibrium and as a result my relationships are elevated. I want the same for you.

In this episode on how to troubleshoot work irritations, I share:

  • The many forms of energy we have to give and receive.
  • The two common things that occur when we don’t establish and hold our boundaries.
  • A super powerful tool that will help you set and hold a boundary, no matter how big of an over giver or people pleaser, you are.
  • How to know if there is an equal energy exchange, or if the energy scale is off-balance.
  • The exact words to use to communicate to another that a boundary has been violated.
  • How you can increase your levels of peace and productivity simply by asking for what you want and need.

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