How Fulfilled Leaders Win Before Most People Wake


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We’ve hit that time of the year where it’s easy to feel a little less energy and focus than when the year began. Maybe you’re facing the same struggles that you did last year, or maybe new challenges have risen. Regardless, you want to experience the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm that you notice other high-contributors and strong leaders in your world exhibiting. 

The question is, how do some leaders accomplish so much all while seeming to have endless energy to expand themselves, their careers and life? The answer lies in something that I am extremely passionate about, and that is rituals and routines. The masters of their art have a few key rituals throughout the day that deliberately position them for increased productivity, performance, purpose, and peace. I call these the four keys to power. 

Specifically, they embrace and refine one ritual that is like high-octane fuel for their mind, body and spirit. It is the secret to turning you into the hero of your own life. Are you ready for it?

It’s the morning ritual.

I first experienced the power of the morning ritual about 25 years ago. I taught early morning fitness classes before my day job to earn money. Magic happened as a result of those 6:00 am classes. Obviously, I felt stronger physically but more importantly I noticed my confidence climb, my creativity increase and I had the calm I needed to focus on work that mattered and to navigate challenges that occurred throughout the day. I also noticed that on the days when I didn’t follow my morning routine I was less  productive, balanced and peaceful.  

Fast forward to today and I still believe in the early morning ritual magic. The only difference is that now I know the brain science and proven results behind it. When you have a strong morning ritual, the kind that I’m talking about, you’re going to be able to sustain high output, as well as feel balance and happiness throughout your day. Uncover how so many leaders just like you are elevating their personal mastery and professional impact using an early morning ritual. Then use the 5-step method I share  here to implement your own morning ritual and begin to notice your own performance, joy and focus elevate.

In this episode on how fulfilled leaders win, I share:

  • The two things you must know when it comes to burnout in the workplace
  • The critical first step in the process to escape burnout
  • How to know when it’s time for you to tell your boss you’re overextended, 
  • How to position the conversation so that you’re heard and get what you need
  • What to expect your boss’ reaction to be when you have this conversation 
  • Why the Hero Complex thinking is not serving you or the people around you
  • Research-backed tips if you are the boss on the receiving end of a direct report’s burnout conversation, and how you can avoid this problem in the first place

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About Rita Hyland

With over 20 years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, Rita helps leaders — emerging and established — excel in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Rita believes if leaders were more clear about how transformation really works and more intentional about creating what they want, their impact, success, and influence in the world would be unstoppable.

Through her coaching programs, private coaching, and masterminds, Rita shows leaders how to win consistently and create the impact and legacy they desire.

Central to Rita’s work is the understanding that you will never outperform your current programming, no matter how strong your willpower.

When you learn to use Rita’s proprietary Neuroleadership Growth Code, a technology which uses the best of neuroscience and transformational psychology to hit the brain’s buttons for change, YOU become both the solution and the strategy.

Her mission is to end talented, hard-working, and self-aware leaders spending another day stuck in self-doubt or confusion and not contributing their brilliant work and talent the world so desperately needs.

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