Facing the Fear of Rejection Head On

Does worrying about what others think ever stop you from doing what you think is best or matters most? Do you filter what you do, say or feel through someone else’s lens instead of your own? In today’s episode, we’re looking at why what others think matters to us and … Read more


An Honest Conversation About Making a Career Change in Mid-Life

On this summer day, my guest is Jamie Russo, Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association and the creator and host of the Everything Coworking Podcast. I met Jamie years ago when she was deciding to make the move from building someone else’s business to building her own. I am … Read more


The Most Direct Way to Re-Program Your Mind for Higher Performance

We all know that success and higher performance has to do with your mind and your mindset, but there is a difference in knowing that, and being able to apply and integrate that knowledge to effect outcomes. There is a difference between getting new information and adding it into your … Read more


Identifying and Holding Your Boundaries With Less Struggle

What are boundaries, why are they important? How do we establish them, and what do we do when our boundaries are pushed? You can listen to the full podcast episode here, or continue reading below. Boundaries shape our destiny. They determine what we accept into our lives and what we don’t. They … Read more


The #1 Thing Sales Performers Must Do To Expand Their Bottom Lines

Today we’re discussing increasing sales performance and business development in ways that most of us have never been taught. This is the #1 thing sales professionals must do to significantly increase their bottom line. You can listen to the full podcast episode here, or continue reading below. I was recently talking to … Read more