Change Your Relationship With Time And Break Free Of The Pressured Pace

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Do you know what’s overrated? Busyness. If it was a good thing then it wouldn’t lead to burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm. Despite what society may tell us, busyness does not make us greater or more important than the next person. (There are a lot of important people who are not busy to show us this isn’t true.) Nevertheless, we unwittingly design our days with a rush to get more done as opposed to getting done what matters. And we continue to seek to do more even when we are already overextended.

Our first mistake is that we tend to blame our busyness on poor time management or not having enough hours in the day, when in reality that’s not the problem at all. The problem has to do with our identity not being a match to the role we are in. So how do we expand our identity and stop blaming our lack of time? This episode will give you practical, actionable tools  to eliminate the feeling of a constant pressured pace immediately and increase your productivity and  peace of mind. 

In this episode I share:

  • The misinformation our culture promotes about busyness 
  • 4 essential steps to reclaim your time and be more present, productive and peaceful
  • How to make the shift from a time-scarcity relationship to a time-abundant relationship and have more than enough time for anything you want
  • My go-to mantra when I feel rushed that immediately releases the pressure

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About Rita Hyland

With over 20 years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, Rita helps leaders — emerging and established — excel in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Rita believes if leaders were more clear about how transformation really works and more intentional about creating what they want, their impact, success, and influence in the world would be unstoppable.

Through her coaching programs, private coaching, and masterminds, Rita shows leaders how to win consistently and create the impact and legacy they desire.

Central to Rita’s work is the understanding that you will never outperform your current programming, no matter how strong your willpower.

When you learn to use Rita’s proprietary Neuroleadership Growth Code, a technology which uses the best of neuroscience and transformational psychology to hit the brain’s buttons for change, YOU become both the solution and the strategy.

Her mission is to end talented, hard-working, and self-aware leaders spending another day stuck in self-doubt or confusion and not contributing their brilliant work and talent the world so desperately needs.

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