Celebrating A Work In Progress


Have you ever thought about who you would be without your programming? Who would you be without the identity you work so hard to hold up? Who would you be if you weren’t proving who you are? I asked myself these questions recently after my body informed me that once again I’m pushing too hard instead of allowing.

Many times in my life I’ve realized the resistance I have to allow the very things I want more of. There are times when I resist guidance, joy, ease, and support. Maybe you do the same?

So why does this happen?

I believe we are inundated with messages that we need to be more, do more, and accomplish more, suggesting we are not enough as we are already. So we bend who we are so that others admire us. We do things to be loved. We work to keep up. We believe we have to earn our worthiness which we measure in accomplishment and other extrinsic rewards.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but eventually, we do this for so long that we stop trusting ourselves. We forget who we are.

I talk to smart, talented, experienced individuals, often experts in their industries, who are in mid-life and mid-career. It’s interesting, their self-doubt and loss of confidence seem to happen at just the point when their experience and abilities are ripe and EXACTLY what others need most.

I haven’t found the science behind this yet. I believe the reason may be that by mid-life we have lost connection with ourselves. We have forgotten the unlimited potential that we are. So we question whether we are enough. As a result, we experience stress from the rub between who we are and who we think we need to be.

So what would you stand for, what masterpiece would you build, or what big idea of yours would you act on if you acknowledged that you are enough and already have what you need?

I ask because the world is in need and waiting for what you have to give.

We are in a historical time where many of us are being called to collaboratively build our future. And here is today’s broadcast: if you are reading this, you are one of them. Yes, you’re in the club. Your help is needed. The time is now.

The problem is that we can’t intellectualize our way back to ourselves, but we can connect and tune in. What if we slowed down and listened?

I know. I still feel the resistance to slowing down at times. But it’s in the stillness where we can tune in and return to ourselves. It’s when we hear beyond the noise. It’s in the stillness instead where we hear our wisdom, insight, and guidance.

Do you see how loved and supported you are? Have you noticed? Take a look around you. Your life is proof of it.

You’ve always been supported.​
​You’ve always had enough.
You’ve always been enough.
You’ve always been protected.
You’re talented.
You’re gifted
You’re blessed.
You can choose to feel good right now.
You have the power to create solutions.
You have the power with your positive thoughts to change your life.
Your positive thoughts can change the lives of those around you.
You have the power to help others simply by bringing your positive energy.
You can tune into the stillness within you.
You can honor the gifts you have to bring.
You can celebrate the experience and talent you have to offer.
You can smile.
You can allow things to be easy.
You can start trusting that you are supported.
You always have been.

Today you KNOW it.

So stop forcing. Stop thinking you have to be something other than who you are.

Start allowing and trust that you are supported. Whatever it is that you are feeling called to bring forth, know that you are RIGHT on time. There has never been a better time.

In this month of spring as the rain nurtures the ground and prepares the earth for what it is to grow, consider nurturing yourself by embracing the message above.

Never forget how unconditionally loved and powerful you are RIGHT NOW.

As the Walt Disney classic movie Dumbo reminds us, Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.

You so have this.

One of your biggest fans,


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