Four Steps to More Time, More Money & More Fun in 2011!

I know it’s the time of year to make resolutions, but I don’t do resolutions.  Resolutions are charged with so much negativity and self-torture.  You can almost feel your face scrunch up as you say the word, can’t you?

Instead, I decide on projects that I want to achieve in my business and experience in my life.  And I narrow the number down to a maximum of two to three projects at a time.

Why the short list?

Too often I find entrepreneurs and ‘passionate life-goers’ addicted to too many open and unfinished projects.  They’re overextended physically, emotionally, spiritually – and often financially.

So that brings me to, “What are you doing today?”  Are you working on your most spiritually and financially profitable projects and goals?  Do you know what they are?

Here are the four steps you must take to experience high-leverage, high-paying, and highly fulfilling activities this year!

Step 1:  Know what you want.  

Narrow your focus to two or three projects.

A project to me is something that can be achieved in six months.  I find this time frame is one that most of us can easily wrap our minds around.

What do I want to achieve in the next six months?  Start as if you are six months out from now. What made the first half of this year one that has you strutting, smiling, and planning a night on the town to celebrate yourself?

You have the answer.   You know what it is.  Be willing to cough it up instead of suppressing it until you figure out “how” first.

To be honest, the “how” is none of your business—especially in this step. You can leave that to the higher powers that be. But the act of ASKING AND GOING FOR WHAT YOU WANT is 100% your responsibility. No one can do that for you but you.

Step 2:  Become Brutally Decisive. 

This means make decisions fast.  Being a brutal decision maker is vital to living bold, rich and fulfilled.  This year commit to decrease the lag time between the moment you have an idea and when you take action on it.

This step alone will drastically change the way you experience success emotionally, financially and spiritually in 2011!

Waiting longer will never make you more certain.  Start moving and you will get clear!  Success is too often stalled because we are waiting and thinking about it.  You can’t make progress without making a decision.

Know this:  You are ready, and its time to make the decision.

Here’s what you do.

Write down 3 projects in your business and life that you’ve been considering or researching and not taking action on.

They should be yes/no decisions. Are you going to sign up for that class? Call that contact? Meet with the potential client? Write a proposal for the new business or investor?  Obtain the information you need to launch the new product, or hire the right support staff to take your business to the next level?

Once you’ve written down the three projects, give yourself 60 seconds to write down your decision for each item.  The question is:  “Should I move forward with it?”

It’s just a “yes” or “no.”

(Do this exercise for the next 60 seconds.  That’s how long it takes to become a Brutal Decision Maker.)

Step 3:  Give it a birthday.

In essence, give each project a due date. This isn’t new, but it’s new to those who never do it.  Determine when you want to have your project born.  Then, reverse engineer the process to build out the timeline.

Putting an “alive-line” to our projects helps us visualize the project completed.  Our body then naturally moves to fulfill and connect with the mind’s vision.

Step 4:  Follow the recipe.

Too often we are trying to invent our recipes from scratch when we either already possess our own successful recipe OR we could GET THE RECIPE FROM SOMEONE ELSE.

If you haven’t had prior success in this area, identify three people who have successfully achieved what you want, and learn how they did it.  Three will give you the confidence that what you want can be done.  The three will also provide you with more tools, strategies, and options to choose from.

You will save time moving to your end-goal more quickly.  You’ll also be more fulfilled spending the extra time doing what you love and do best!

(Tip:  This year commit to not short-cutting the recipe by employing do-it-yourself methods…which you never do yourself!  In other words don’t do things on the cheap.  Your results will reflect it.  Invest.  You are worth it!)

Bottom line:  Get the support you need to access the most direct, proven method every time!

Wishing you a fantastic day (and year), and I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Let me know if you’ve got any thoughts on this topic or have a story to share.  And if you’ve found this post helpful, go ahead and share it with a friend!



P.S.  If you’ve been itching to work with me one-on-one but just haven’t done it – do it NOW!

During the new year there will be a lot of changes and less time for private clients so don’t miss out.

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