The Secret Ingredient to Big Business & Bold Living

I still remember how fast my heart was beating when I dropped the check in the mailbox for advanced training to start by own business; it was for a Mastery Coaching Program.  I wrote that check in 2000, and it was for $10,000.  It was the most I had EVER invested in myself and my business by a longshot!

For the prior six months I’d told myself it was crazy to spend that kind of money on Coaching.

But when I finally made the decision — that it was exactly what I must do — I felt an enormous sense of relief, excitement, and possibility.

In the moment I mailed that check, everything was different.  And I’m confident it was more than just about the service I was going to receive.  It was about giving myself permission to step out and build the life and business I TRULY desired.

And that’s when it got interesting…

Once I fully committed the most amazing thing happened.  Within weeks, in the most illogical and un-suspecting set of circumstances, the company I worked for gave me a check for $10,018—almost exactly the amount I’d committed for my advanced training!

I’m confident that once I finally made the decision to leave my career of ten years and commit to my passion, the universe conspired to support me in it.

So what’s the secret ingredient?  It’s COMMITMENT.

When you finally decide to commit, you show up at 100% versus half-way.  You bring your best to the table, and things happen.  People, opportunities, and clients (new or ones that previously existed, but you didn’t see) show up — sometimes instantly.

Being uncommitted with one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock, drains your time, your focus and your energy. It’s a guaranteed life and business buster.

What have you been considering, researching, or toying with but not committing to?

Is it investing in a class you’ve wanted to take?  Taking your family to Hawaii?  Writing the business proposal you’ve been putting off?  Offering your new product or service?  Enhancing your relationship? Starting your own venture?

Here are four steps to move your idea into a commitment.

Action Step #1  Decide.  Ask yourself, “Will taking this action move me closer or further away from my goal?”   It’s a simple yes or no.

Action Step #2 Put a stake in it.  Take an action in the physical to lock in your commitment mentally.  Put money down.  Make business cards with your ideal career position or new company’s name.  Sign an agreement.  When you commit by taking an action, your mind and body move forward naturally to be consistent and in alignment with your new commitment.

Action Step #3 Tell someone.  Saying what you’re doing aloud affirms “yes, I am” and invokes your commitment.

Action Step #4  Build in Accountability.  There is power in being held accountable in order to commit.  Nobody likes to break agreements with others. Yet it’s often easy to break or “re-negotiate” commitments with ourselves, right?

It’s easy to skip your workout at 5:30 am when there’s nobody waiting on the other side.  But put in a personal trainer or a friend, and you’re there!

A personal trainer, life coach, assistant, project director and even a cleaning lady can hold you accountable.   I’ve used all of these including some key friends to hold me accountable and move me to commit.

Bottom line:  If you REALLY want an out-of-this-world kinda year, you are being beckoned to commit to something greater than you already have in the past.

Sure, it may be uncomfortable, uncertain and scary.  (It is for everybody taking on something new.)

But like the cold swimming pool you resist, once you jump in, it’s a matter of minutes until you adjust to the new temperature.

I recently committed myself to something BIG and new in my business.  Funny thing happened when I jumped in and committed– I found the water to be just PERFECT!

I’d love to hear your stories or go ahead and write your commitment on the blog!

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As always, I appreciate you reading and love the interaction I have with you!

Happy Swimming!  The water’s warm!


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