Techniques To Get Results Twice as Fast

Do you have a great idea that continues to be…just a great idea? Do you talk yourself out of it before you even begin?

I spoke with a client last week who has a great idea for a new product.  His product would allow him to initiate conversations with his desired, prospective clients.  Even his current clients could use it! It is original and it excites him tremendously.  He talks about it repeatedly.  Still further, when I ask him what would make his year fabulous, he always answers, “I want to turn this idea into a real, living product!”   Eureka!  A dream that is waiting to be realized!

Ahh, but wait, after he passionately describes this fabulous product, he quickly launches into the reasons it is too much for him to begin.  His biggest fear is that he will spend a lot of time planning, but never complete it or it doesn’t succeed.  Does this sound familiar to you?

What are your ideas? Dreams? Increasing your income with passive income products, finally clearing your debt, launching a business idea, bringing connection and passion back to your marriage, writing an article for a national publication, or well, taking your life to the most amazing level???

Why haven’t you done it yet? What are your excuses?  WHY do you allow your excuses to rule?

We remain stuck and mire in our negative monologues for many reasons. Money, time, lack of information and fear are the top four but the list is long. Every single person, EVERY ONE, experiences these fears!  So what do the successful and fulfilled do when their fear and excuses try to dominate their world? How do they throttle themselves forward?

First, they expect to win.  Even during the current economic downturn that has impacted most, these individuals expect to succeed and move toward their dreams.  Second, these people act daily and deliberately to reach their dream.  They seek the best strategies and create a plan to get there.

How do I know? Because these successes belong to my clients. One client just landed his dream job and makes 50% more than he did at his previous job (from which he was fired!).  Another launched her own business and opened a store–right in the midst of the economic turbulence.  Another expanded his sales by 120% in six months.  Still another, a stay-at-home mom, started her out-of-the-home business and now supplements the family’s income.  She does what she loves and makes money doing it!

What’s their secret?  They focus on their goals instead of obstacles and excuses. They parse their dreams into palatable bits and take daily steps, steadily and surely.

Is there an idea you’ve had–either one for your business, physical health, career change, or marriage–that still exists only in your head? When it pops into your thoughts do you kibosh it before you give it a chance? Do you talk yourself out it?

Follow my clients’ lead; turn that dream into action and start seeing results. Start with these eight steps:

1.  Remember your past successes.  You’ve experienced far more success than you currently acknowledge.  (Trust me, I know.)

2.  Ink it–don’t think it!  Write down your dream!  Don’t let it swirl around in that head of yours. Give that dream a landing pad!

3.  Define success. You cannot hit a target you cannot see.

4.  Plan in 90-day chunks–this a time frame we can get our mindset around. Take 30-minutes to identify what you want to accomplish in the next 90-days.  Then, break down your steps into smaller, doable chunks.

5.  Every day answer, “What is my next step?”  Remember, don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed…only focus on your next step.

6.  Don’t work alone.  Partner up with someone who will hold you accountable.  Statistics show we complete at least twice as much when we are held accountable.

7.  Be certain of your success. Expect to win. Successful people rehearse winning in their mind over and over again.  When they take their starting positions, they simply recreate what their mind already expects.

8.  Take immediate action in the next 24-48 hours.  Once you’ve identified your goal and created a plan, never leave a day without being one step closer to its realization.

What will you choose? Excuses and a limiting mindset? Or the realization of your dream? The power lies within you. The answers and wisdom which will fuel your dreams are right before you. Grab the momentum and make it happen!

To a fabulous next step,


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