Your Team Is Better When You Talk Less

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Did you know that we only remember about 25-50% of what we hear? It may be surprising, but the research shows it’s true. It’s clear that listening is a skill we can all benefit from improving. I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation when it’s obvious the other person isn’t actually listening to you. It doesn’t feel good. On the flip side, are you conscious when you are doing this to others?

One of the most immediate ways you can care for and serve the person right in front of you, is to listen. In fact, actively being heard is one of the greatest gifts we can give another. Powerful connections are made when we have these authentic interactions. 

I don’t need to tell you that listening builds our relationships and deepens our connections to everyone – our kids, spouse, coworker, team, you name it. The problem is most of us don’t realize how weak we are at it. After you listen to this episode you will understand why I am passionate about this topic. I share a personal story of a wake up call I got on an international stage-front and how it forced me to realize my own listening skills needed improvement.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why actively listening is a valuable skill 
  • Several ways you can deliberately improve your own active listening skills 
  • The insightful  benefits of becoming a better listener at work and at home
  • Questions you can ask to accurately evaluate yourself as an active listener


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About Rita Hyland

With over 20 years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, Rita helps leaders — emerging and established — excel in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Rita believes if leaders were more clear about how transformation really works and more intentional about creating what they want, their impact, success, and influence in the world would be unstoppable.

Through her coaching programs, private coaching, and masterminds, Rita shows leaders how to win consistently and create the impact and legacy they desire.

Central to Rita’s work is the understanding that you will never outperform your current programming, no matter how strong your willpower.

When you learn to use Rita’s proprietary Neuroleadership Growth Code, a technology which uses the best of neuroscience and transformational psychology to hit the brain’s buttons for change, YOU become both the solution and the strategy.

Her mission is to end talented, hard-working, and self-aware leaders spending another day stuck in self-doubt or confusion and not contributing their brilliant work and talent the world so desperately needs.

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