Using Hypnosis to Overcome Your Blocks in Business


Have you ever experienced a sudden block in decision making, follow-through, focus, or procrastination — even when you know what to do? It’s like there’s part of you that won’t let you move forward?

In this show, I interview Penny Chiasson, a professional hypnotist who helps multi-6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs and business leaders break through subconscious barriers to their next level of success. We talk about how a block is created, the ways they show up in your business and 3 strategies to overcome them. You’ll discover how you can go deeper when you haven’t been successful using your conscious, analytical mind to overcome what’s previously kept you stuck in your work and business.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here, or continue reading below.

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As a Business and Life Coach, Rita works with highly motivated professionals who, despite their level of success and achievements, are not happy or satisfied. Often, they’re “successful” by traditional standards, yet unfulfilled based on their own. They know they want more and are ready to have it.

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