What $3 Million Gift Are You Sitting On?

I recently heard this true story.

A poor man named John died.  Part of his life he had spent as a homeless man.

At his funeral his friends gathered.  Afterwards, some went back to his apartment to organize and collect his sparse belongings to sell at a garage sale.

There they found a painting on the wall to include in the sale.  Someone bought it and took it to an art dealer to see its value.  It turns out the painting was painted by an artist in the 1800’s.  The painting sold for $3 million.

John had been blind to see what he had.  He didn’t see the value and magnificence in himself and in turn couldn’t see other riches and opportunities he already possessed.   

While it seems incredulous and perhaps even a shame to hear John’s story, in many ways we do the same thing every day.

What gift, talent, or opportunity do you have at your hands that you are not willing to own, cultivate or receive?

What if you knew and no longer denied that you are sitting on a $3 million gold mine of talent, creativity and energy?  What would you do differently? 

What if you knew you were the best person in the world to bring that unique gift, message, product, or service, into the world?  What would you do –TODAY?

Would you sharpen your tools?  Commit yourself to mining for your gold?

You are not average.  You are not ordinary.  You are one of a kind, placed here at this time on purpose. 

You have gifts beyond measure to bring to your family, community, business and organization.  You are valuable.

Don’t let allow your gifts to go unused.  Someone else in the world needs what you have to give.

If you don’t know what they are, it’s time to become your own self-expert.

“It’s My Year” Life Class 2.0 starts January 14th.  It will help you identify what you are here for and how to experience the success, fulfillment, and impact you want –not in the future –in the next six months!

I’ll see you in January!

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