The Secret the Hurricane Survivors, Richard Branson & Steve Jobs’ Really ‘Know’

Over these last two weeks I’ve been taken by the statements of survivors of the earthquake and hurricane, Richard Branson after the destruction of his palatial Necker Island home, and even Steve Jobs.

Their message is common and simple but seems to have gained more credibility in light of their latest experiences. Their message: Love your lovers (or those who matter most to you) and love your life–today.

Steve Jobs explains once your life has been threatened, death is “no longer merely a useful, but purely intellectual concept.”

Those who’ve experienced such tribulations really get it. Perhaps then, in a way, they are lucky.

I got to thinking, without having to experience my own life-threatening experience, do I “get it?” Does my life reflect that indeed now is the time do what I love full out, courageously, and as my heart and intution guide? Does yours?

One way to know is to ask the question: If today was my last day, is this how I would want to spend it? What if my last day was yesterday? Or tomorrow?

Steve Jobs says when he answers “no” to this question for too many days, he knows it’s time for a change.

What I know for certain from the masters of the ages, from the wisdom of the survivors of the last two weeks as well as from the experiences of my own unfulfilled, boring and frustrating days (oh yes, I’ve had a few):

You must love what you do daily. Never stop looking for it. Never settle. Then live it. And never stop.

Watch this thought-provoking and inspiring message of Steve Jobs in his 2005 commencement address at Stanford. Then read on.

Are you ready to re-commit to pursuing the life you love today? A life that goes way beyond, “ok” or “fine.”

None of us know when we will die. It is certain that we will. If you don’t love your ‘today’ when are you going to make sure you do?

If your passionate about doing what you love daily, I’ve got the perfect thing cooking for you.

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Until then enjoy loads of love and passion!

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