How to Determine If You Are Far Enough Along Yet and Give Yourself the Push To Dive In

As I write this I am watching my daughter learn how to dive into the swimming pool for the first time.

My husband is a saint for teaching her. Despite her wanting to learn, she’s scowling, crying, and projecting her frustration on anyone in sight.

Yikes. Another belly-flop. (I am 20 yards away, and she just shouted that it is my fault.)

I understand. She’s a student.

There is a push-pull to our role of being student. We desire to learn. We want to grow, but it requires risk – the willingness to look foolish.

Being a student is rarely glamorous, often challenging, and usually uncomfortable.

Yet every day we all are called to become students again in order to live the great lives we are capable of living.

So how can we enjoy being a student more? Here are a few tips for you to try.

➢  Embrace it. If you woke above ground this morning, it means there is more for you to learn. Stop telling yourself you are behind. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. By not fighting reality, you will have the energy and enthusiasm to learn more and gain the confidence to soar.

➢  Be crazy curious. Life is strange with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns. Know that there is a reason for everything. Be curious. Ask yourself, “What is this experience here to teach me?” “Why is this challenging situation perfect?” Your answer holds the key to your next step.

➢  Love the ‘rub.’ Life is not about getting what you want but who you become in the process. Look at the difficult experience today for what it really is — the salt that rubs the oyster so it can become the pearl it was destined to be.

➢  Celebrate! Too often we achieve our goal and don’t pause to acknowledge our growth and success along the way. In turn, we miss out on the best part. Celebrate what you learn and achieve. It strengthens your confidence to take on the next big growth opportunity.

“I did it! Did you see that mom? I really did it!” my daughter shouts as she gasps for air. It’s her first successful dive after hours of practice.

“I did see it! Whoohooo!” I shout back.

The little student becomes my teacher once again, reminding me to take the risk, dive in head first, and celebrate my wins -big and small.

Call to action: This week identify one thing you have been thinking about learning or doing but have held back on maybe because you have not wanted to look foolish or you can’t know the outcome in advance. Then take a quantum leap and decide to dive in.

Let me know how much fun you have once you do!

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