How to Become a Bold Decision Maker and Stop Waiting

Every once in a while, I watch Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. What I really love about the show is the extreme executional challenges he gives to the teams.

These challenges range from hosting large events for elites, opening restaurants for celebrity galas, or raising absorbent amounts of money, to launching rides for Disney and new product lines for established companies.

Immediately when the challenges are released my mind says, “OMG, How can they do that?”

The typical response is, that they can’t. That’s impossible. How can they conceivably manifest that in such a short amount of time?  But I love these contestants because they go full out and get it done.

What project would compel YOU to take massive urgent action and complete it, if I told you I’d give you $1 million to finish it in the next 48 hours?

What would you be able to accomplish if Oprah said she would have you on one of her network’s shows on Friday? Would you finish your project? Complete your invention? Be prepared to make your pitch to the world?

I have been amazed at how long I can stall, deliberate, or wait until conditions are perfect before acting on things important to me, only to find that six months later I am still dawdling and nothing is executed!!

But sometimes it’s different. I recently had a project that was large and could have taken months to complete. Instead, I executed it in just days. How? I decided. I committed to a date, I leveraged the help of outside talent, and I made myself accountable to others. Why? Because not doing it was not an option.

Right now, is there something important that you have been considering for some time? Are you waiting until you have:

-more time,

-more money

-more confidence

-more certainty

-someone’s permission

-more support

-more clarity on what you want

-more knowledge blah, blah, blah

What’s your favorite reason for waiting?

So go for it. Decide. Stop waiting. Get moving. You will get clarity along the way.

Know this: You are ready. It’s time to make the decision.

Your challenge: What decision will get you unstuck, create momentum and accelerate your success and fulfillment?

Got it?

Now take the next 60-seconds to decide to commit or drop it.

Are you committed?

Then create a date, list your tasks, and start the project, now if possible. Enjoy imagining your pay-off. Maybe it isn’t a million dollars or the fame and impact associated with being on Oprah’s network. But maybe it is.

Don’t wait. Decide. Now.

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