End of Year Review: The Best and Worst of 2015

I’ve sent this exercise out for the past several years before New Year’s Eve, and each year I get requests to send it again.

I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’ve done this exercise for the past six years and since then every year I have grown my business, made a greater impact doing exactly what I love, improved the connections in my important relationships and been more peaceful and confident as I grow.

It’s helped me course correct, live my purpose, think bigger and take leaps I wouldn’t have otherwise.

The exercise is simple and won’t take long, but it’s powerful.

Use it now or set it aside for later.

It’s also a sneak peak into “It’s My Year” 2.0. on-line coaching course. (The doors open TOMORROW!)

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It’s the first ingredient in the recipe for a fulfilling new year!

We will hear a lot of the “new year, new you” message  in the upcoming days and that’s exciting, but first pause to look back at all 2015 taught you.

Enjoy your celebrations with family and friends!