Are You Doing You?

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about how to step up to your next level and get what you really want.

In my work as a Life Coach I receive many questions from people along these lines…how can I get paid to do work I love? How do I figure out what I want? How do I increase my income? How do I improve the relationship I’m in or attract someone who really loves me? How do I expand my community of friends? How do I improve my leadership at work and my parenting at home?

You might THINK these questions are technical ones about how to get what you really want in your business, your career, your relationships, and life, but there’s something more behind these questions actually.

It’s something I see a lot of people struggling with, and it has to do with something I call “doing you.”

I was introduced to this idea of “Do You” when I was thumbing through books in a store. I saw that Russell Simmons (the hip hop mogul) wrote a personal development book. It’s called “Do You!” I still haven’t read it. But I never forgot the title. It lasers the answer to an important concept.

So here’s the answer to those questions: If you want to take your career, parenting and relationships (read life) to the next level that you feel called to, you gotta “DO YOU!”

Why DO YOU? Because think about who people really want to connect with. Who do people really want to be led by, to buy from, to work or be in a relationship with or even be parented by?

The answer is: they want you!

It’s irresistibly attractive to ‘do you.’ It’s irresistibly attractive to be authentically you EVEN with your quirks and mistakes. Those things actually make us more real and lovable.

It’s not how clever we were, or how beautiful our outfit or house were, or if we got it all “right” at the company or parent meeting…it’s not.

If you want to live a life that matters based on how you define it, you absolutely have to put YOU into your career, relationships, your leadership, your parenting and your most important work.

Now here’s the rub: doing you can be scary! Because it involves putting ourselves out there in a really authentic, and often vulnerable way.

Follow me as I go deeper here. We’re usually ONLY WILLING to be authentic and ‘DO OURSELVES’ when we LOVE OURSELVES.

This doesn’t mean love ourselves when we produce a result, finish our project, get hired by the company, get to a certain weight, are affirmed by our colleague, client, or guest. No. It’s liking and loving ourselves REGARDLESS (and in advance)of these things.

It can be COMPLETELY SCARY to DO YOU, BUT you must know…it’s also COMPLETELY WORTH IT!

It is worth moving through our fear to boldly live the life we know we’re called, love with all we have in our relationships, and know we’re living a life that matters to us and others.

You want a way to start doing you now? In the next 24 hours, find two people, (your partner, direct reports, child, or clients) and tell them something real about you. Be more upfront, honest, and more personal than you’ve ever been with them.

Not only will you find ‘doing you’ completely liberating and energizing, you’ll likely be surprised by the ease, connection, and increase to your bottom line that ‘doing you’ elicits.

DO YOU is the answer to the question behind your question. It’s where your results, happiness and fulfillment begin…and end.

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Let’s finish the year strong and leap into 2016 bold and ready!


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