A Personal Note of Gratitude From Me



As I am thinking about what I am grateful for this week, one of those things is YOU.

When I started my coaching work 20+ years ago I made a commitment to do my best to help improve others’ well-being and performance so that together we could impact the lives of many more.

I vowed to do this one person at a time — even if it took me until I was 90!

Well, a lot has happened since those initial days when I left my corporate job all those years ago and I could never have done that without YOU!

The truth is — you are my inspiration every day when I sit down at my desk. You’ve made me a better person.

It’s at this time I want to thank you for…

Daring to do it your way

Being willing to be seen authentically

Exposing your truth even when it’s uncomfortable

Leading from vulnerability instead of vigilance

Taking action when it’s not easy

Being among the small percentage committed to living their dream

Getting back up after you fall

Speaking the truth when it’s unpopular

Not waiting until you’re confident or it’s the right time

Thinking bigger about your contribution to the world

Remaining calm in the midst of chaos

Being grateful for your blessings

Doing the work to let go of your past hurts

Seeking to master your emotions

Understanding others’ feelings and having compassion for them

Stepping through your fears and loving deeper…

And most importantly in the moments when you don’t do these things, love yourself anyway!

Thank you for recommitting day after day to bring your best to the world even on the days when it’s hard.

I am in deep gratitude that the stars aligned and we share this journey together.

Remembering at this time of unrest in our world that the most impactful way to change the world is to change ourselves!

The best is yet to come!


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