4 Deadly Pitfalls to Avoid & How To Make Stalling F-O-R-E-V-E-R Obsolete

Have you had this happen lately? You’re thinking of a great idea you want to move on, in fact, you’ve been thinking and talking about it a LOT lately. You’ve even penned it on your other “great-ideas-I’ll-get-to-one-day-list,” but now it sits as just part of the list?

This idea you’re stalling on may not be the world’s next greatest invention (or it could be).

Perhaps you simply want to get additional support in your business or at home, fix up your office for a better working environment, join a program, learn how to market, set up better systems, or finally budget and invest your money.

Below are the four deadliest pitfalls, smart entrepreneurs, business owners and other great ‘idea-generators’ make and how to overcome them F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Pitfall No 1: Being a non-starter.
Many would-be successful ideas never get out of the gate. Instead owners of great ideas stand on the side-lines. If you haven’t created your plan to take action towards your idea yet, start.

Lean into it. Identify one small step to take in the next 24 hours.
Wait, this is big: schedule your next action step on your calendar.

Pitfall No 2: Waiting Until …
The second mistake is intending to start, but waiting too long. Too many of us put off investing in our idea or dream with a perpetual series of ‘untils.’ Until we get older, until we are more financially stable, until we’re more confident or more certain. You get my drift.

Bottom line: STOP WAITING for
• Permission
• To feel confident
• The right time
• The moment you feel ready

Stop waiting until know you what you want. Get moving. Get moving and you’ll get clarity.

Mistake No 3: Fearing failure.
A third mistake is being scared of failing. Let’s get real. You’re going to make mistakes. No uber-successful person hasn’t. Know ahead of time that you’re going to mess up a few times along the way. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you.

Everyone will make mistakes. Instead of avoiding the uncomfortable “fear factor” feeling, they do something the stuck and frustrated don’t do. They get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings, and do it anyway! “Just do it,” is their theme. Try it.

Mistake No 4: Expecting to Get “There” Quick
Most successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives, experts did not get there overnight. They worked diligently, steadfastly and when asked directly took a lot of small steps to equal the sum of the whole.

Ask yourself if you have the temperament to remain steadfast to your idea. Do you? Even when you’re not affirmed, you make a mistake or you’re frustrated?

Be patient and remember: it’s the boring day-in-day-out weeding, tilling and caring of the garden that produces a successful harvest.

Be honest with yourself. Now that you know these four pitfalls, which are you making that’s stopping you from advancing that idea of yours?

Choose right now to overcome it. You know exactly what to do to get ANYTHING you want.

Ciao for now,

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