Top Ten Reasons Why Smart, Forward-Thinking, High-Achievers Still Don’t Get The Business, Career, Money, Relationship and Fulfillment They Really Want

10. When attempting to get clear on what they want, they defer to logic for what is possible, settling instead for what they believe is their “level.”

9. They have a vague, blurry vision about what they want and therefore, get vague, blurry results; more certain about what they don’t want rather than what they do want.

8. They wait for a “better” time when they are more confident, more certain, have more time, or more money.

7. They suffer from “premature practicality.” While excited about focusing on what they would really love to do, be, or have in their lives, the “other side” of them is trying to figure out how on earth they’re going to get it. Too quick to figure out the “how,” they never get clearly focused on the “what.”

6. They do not ask for help, instead they think should be able to do it on their own.

5. Unaware of their internal blocks, they keep getting more of the same regardless of the different circumstances or new opportunities.

4. They suffer from a ULP (Upper Limit Problem). Despite wanting an improvement in their finances, health, relationships and career, they are not comfortable with achieving that level of success. They unwittingly push away the very things they want with behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are unsupportive to their goal.

3. They stop too early, not consistent long enough in order to succeed.

2. They would rather play it safe than risk failure or rejection.

#1. They are unaware that LIFE ONLY GETS AS GOOD AS YOU CAN STAND IT!


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