What Holds You Back From Making the Progress You Want

If you’re like me, you’re feeling excitement as you start toward your shiny new goals and aspirations this year. You may also be feeling some hesitancy about your big plans.

After all, you’ve been working on some of these goals for months — maybe years– and you want more than anything to follow through and make meaningful progress this year.

In my line of work I’m frequently asked this all-or-none question.

“Rita, if you had to drill it all down to THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING to fulfill big dreams and plans, what is it?

My answer is simple: Don’t go it alone. Get support.

Many of us get stuck or give up because we believe we should fly solo. Then we crash and burn.

Unfortunately, I see too many bright, highly-functioning, and talented individuals make this mistake.

In Extraordinary Living 101 (an imaginary class I wish was taught in Kindergarten), the cardinal rule is have a team.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn this early. I was taught to be independent, strong, and self-reliant…to an extreme. I under-valued support and getting help. And it cost me TIME…MONEY…and FRUSTRATION. It also took a toll on my confidence and happiness.

The very worst part is…it didn’t have to be. When I finally invested in a teacher, a coach, in months what had eluded me for years was my reality!

Fast forward to today, I surround myself with support in all areas of my life…business, health, motivation, strategy, home and environment. Every year my team expands and by no surprise so does my progress and fulfillment.

This past year I created a Mastermind group of people I admire in my industry. I have my own strong coach to keep me focused, hold me accountable, and be my cheerleader. I’m in a Women’s Circle of like-minded ladies in my community who meet monthly to support each other in the splendid and tough times. And that’s just a fraction of my team.

Einstein said, “What a person does on his own, without being stimulated by the thoughts and experiences of others, even in the best cases, is rather paltry and monotonous.”

Notice he doesn’t provide caveats to this. It doesn’t matter your age, title, level of experience, gender, achievement, or financial picture. We all DESERVE and THRIVE with the support of others. Our highs are higher. Our lows less of a blow and more temporary.

The best in the world have teachers, mentors, coaches and teams to support them. (Even Jesus had 12 disciples to help him spread his message and support his mission.)

I can almost hear the resistance, “But I don’t have the money for help or a team.”

My advice: Start valuing and putting your team in the same category as your computer or smart phone. You wouldn’t go without either of those, would you? Investing in your team is that important too.

Your team doesn’t have to cost anything. Create your own Mastermind Group. Start a Circle. Find your Tribe. Ask someone to be your Mentor.

Be resourceful. Complete the sentence: The person I need to reach out to today to progress me or my project is..

Now make that call.

Yes if I had to do it all again, I’d have asked for support sooner and faster.

It’s why I designed “IT’S MY YEAR.” It’s what I wish I had some 17 years ago, and it’s what my team and I use every year to reach new heights. It’s the step-by-step training to turn your shiny new ideas into plans and reality.

I know the results my clients get when I work with them, and I don’t want you to miss out.

Traveling towards our goals and aspirations takes work and commitment. But it’s always done more quickly and with less pain when we do it with others.

Are you still wondering who to reach out to today? Watch the video. Then enroll in our latest class of “IT’S MY YEAR.” I know you can do it. I’d love to be a part of your team.

Let’s do this together!