FREE DOWNLOAD: The Step-By-Step Sensational Summer Blueprint

Four sets of wide-eyes looked at me in surprise. Their mouths were silent.  Their expressions were a combination of “Wow, mom! We did all that this summer?”  and “I can’t believe you saw it!”

We were out to breakfast at a local diner just days before returning to school after summer vacation.

I was recounting from a list the “amazing” experiences we’d had over the previous 86 days of summer.  I’d jotted the moments I’d observed in a small 4″ x 3″ notebook I’d kept close for easy additions.

As I continued sharing my list, I wasn’t sure if the incredulous expressions I saw on my husband and children’s faces were from disbelief that I was present enough to scribe our moments…or because they were stunned by the volume and compound effect of acknowledging our simple pleasures.

Regardless, they were grateful.


For many years, summers flew by me. Late August would come and I’d think, “where did it go?”

This particular summer I was spooked by a mammogram that necessitated me returning for a second screening.  I vowed if I made it through, I would be more fully engaged, calm and playful this summer.  “Please God, give me the chance to prove it.”

I got the chance.  I wanted to follow through on my word. So I created a few simple steps for my knock-it-out-of-the-park summer.

I’m sharing the steps with you here in the STEP-BY-STEP SENSATIONAL SUMMER BLUEPRINT.

Each year I return to it. It’s a short, easy and fun process, but don’t misinterpret that for insignificant or not powerful.

Dozens of fully engaged, joyful and fulfilling summers have resulted from using the exact steps I lay out here.


We didn’t do anything extraordinary that summer.  No trip to the Grand Canyon or rock-climbing at Kilimanjaro. In fact, the furthest we traveled was to Wisconsin.  The best food…s’mores.  The best moments…watching a movie at a drive-in theater and being together drinking root beer floats lakeside in the heat of July.

No, there was nothing out of the ordinary that summer, but a lot of ordinary things joyfully experienced that made it great.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own magical summer? The one you’ve always dreamed about.  Start here…PRINT the STEP-BY-STEP SENSATIONAL SUMMER BLUEPRINT.

Do it alone or with the kids. It’s never too early to introduce the power of intention setting, self-reflection, and gratitude as a way of living.

Be sure to add your own colorful splash.  Cheers to your best summer yet!



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