Create Your Own Success Formula with a Post-Game Review

I hope you’re excited to set some big goals for this upcoming year…

…goals that stretch you, scare you, and force you to get creative.

That is where the fun begins. It’s also where you’re at your brightest!

Am I right that you have something that’s calling you? You’ve known it for some time?

You’re eager for real progress this year–personally and professionally.

Your desire has become a MUST now.

And you want to START and STAY strong until its realized.

But you also wonder, where do you begin?

If this is you, here’s your first step before you do any goal-setting or planning.

It’s an exercise I do every year and my clients do too.

It’s always enlightening. Usually profound.

It’s been responsible for income doubling, career changing, new business building, bolder action, and relationship transformation.

In short, it is one of the most powerful tools to amplify progress, happiness and success…and this is important…simply.

Why? Because it’s completely based on your own proven success formula…not someone else’s.

It’s a Post-Game review. Here’s how to do yours:

Step 1. Write down all of your “wins” and successes over the past year. List 10-20
achievements or experiences that make you feel good. Whether they’re large or small, own
your best moments this past year.

Step 2. Now write down the mistakes you made this past year. What things didn’t go as well as you
would have liked? You may even feel sick just thinking about them. Write them down. Remember,
those who don’t make mistakes, don’t create. Consider it a good thing to have this list.

Step 3. Next to every win and mistake, write down the “lesson” or the “gift” from each. Nothing is a
coincidence nor happens without reason or some value. What is the hidden meaning or opportunity
from the experience? (Example: Mistake – I didn’t hire the help I needed to complete my project from
the start. I took seven extra months and lost an opportunity, money, time and peace of mind. Lesson: Assess
where I need help to leverage my time, opportunities and ease; ask for and hire help.

Step 4. Look at your lessons and gifts. What common theme do you see from both your wins and
mistakes? Write down the 2-3 lessons that strike you as being most important. These may include
things you want to keep doing or stop doing. These are the keys to your success formula for the new


Here’s an extra tip and this is key: don’t do this in your head. Write it down. You’ll thank me for telling you this later.

Click here to print the Post-Game Review exercise.

And then? Share it with your network. Your family, friends, and even your staff. This is exactly the kind of thing they’re looking for. They’ll thank you!

Wanting for you all that you want for yourself in 2017! Happy New Year!

Talk soon!