The Secret to Setting Life-Changing Intentions for 2013

A lot of the TV programs today are showing the “best and worst of 2012.” I love watching these recaps because there is so much I forget.

Watching these programs inspired me to share an important exercise I use every year at this time.

I have done this exercise for the past four years and since then every year I have grown my business, made a greater impact doing exactly what I love, improved the connections in my important relationships and been more peaceful and confident as I grow. It’s helped me think bigger and take leaps I wouldn’t have otherwise.

The exercise is simple and won’t take long, but it is invaluable.

Step 1 Write down all of your “wins” and successes over the last year. List 10-20 things you achieved or experienced that you feel good about. It’s time to acknowledge them. Whether they are large or small, own your best moments and celebrate them.

Step 2 Now write down the mistakes you made in 2012. What things didn’t go as well as you would have liked. Some may even make you sick to look at. Just write them down. You are magnificent regardless. And remember, those who don’t make mistakes, don’t create. Consider it a good thing to have this list.

Step 3 Next to every win and mistake, write down the “lesson” or the “gift” from each. Nothing is a coincidence nor happens without reason. Your soul is looking for you to evolve. What is the hidden meaning or opportunity from the experience?

Step 4 Once you have all of the lessons, gifts, and hidden opportunities from your mistakes and wins in 2012, burn it.

It’s important not to skip this step. It is designed to help you release the stories you have around the past year so that you leave your baggage behind, clear the decks, and design your sensational year.

Step 5 Imagine it. Let your mind run wild and write down what a wildly successful and meaningful 2013 is to you. Fast forward to the end of the year and notice how life is having learned the lessons of 2012 and moving beyond them.

Review what you have written for the next 21 days get comfortable with the new experience.

Complete these five steps and the intentions you set will be far more powerful and in line with your zone of genius; doing what you love to do is the first ingredient in the recipe for an sensational and gratifying 2013.

We will hear a lot of the “new year, new you” message in the upcoming days and that is exciting. First pause to look back first at 2012 and all it brought you. Then imagine what December 31st, 2013 and what has become letting go of the past and being that greatest version of you.

By embracing the significant lessons of 2012, you won’t have to worry about resolutions or goals. You’ll step into creating what you desire naturally.

Wishing you an inspiring, fulfilling and happy New Year!

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