In 2019 – Dropping the Made Up Rules

Happy New Year, friend!

As we start 2019, I had a big aha that I want to share with you. I thought you might appreciate it.

It came to me when I was in a discussion with my husband– a funny, interesting and quirky man I adore.

Anyway, we were talking about a topic, the specifics of which I honestly forget, and I pointed out that something he insisted upon was a MADE UP RULE.

I wasn’t judging him. I didn’t need him to change his mind.

I simply wanted it to be recognized that whatever decision we made was going to be based upon a MADE UP RULE.

A MADE UP RULE is an “interpretation” one calls “fact.”

Then (as I normally do when I see someone do something I don’t think I ever do), I asked myself, “Where do I do this in my life?”

That is, think something has to be a certain way for no reason other than my mind says it’s so.

Then it hit me.

As much as I help others highlight and Roto-root MADE UP RULES (think limiting beliefs), I was making up rules as well.

I wrote them down:

  • Don’t talk too much about what you do and how you do
  • Don’t talk about your business on your personal Facebook page
  • Don’t let people know when you have spots available to work with you

There are more…but they all relate to this one big rule:


Now, I don’t do this wittingly. What’s more I realized my rules are very specific.

For example, take the first rule. I’ll drop everything and be all over Facebook…IF it is to help others. In December you couldn’t keep me from posting on multiple community Facebook pages daily (sometimes more) in order to help local Homeless Students.

Again, I didn’t see this until I saw my husband doing it and called myself on it as well.

Well no more. These rules don’t serve me or the people I am here to help.

Like my favorite song by Hugh Jackman in the movie, The Greatest Showman, “From Now On”…

Anytime you find yourself hesitating to take an action that moves your business or your life forward ask yourself:

  1. What rule am I following?
  2. Does that rule serve me?

If it doesn’t serve you, then drop the rule. Or at least acknowledge, “I’m making a choice based on a made up rule.”

In the spirit of dropping ‘made up rules,’ I’ll be in your inbox next week with a way to work with me in 2019. I know the results my clients have when they work with me and I want you to experience it too.

Happy 2019— dropping the made up rules!

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~ Rita