Even warriors know how to brake


Look how far you’ve come! You’ve made it through the end of another cycle. There has never been a time like this and you made it!

Before you move on with big decisions and heavy resolutions tonight, do this with me…Exhale. Pause. Rest.

Go into stillness before action.

True warriors know how to brake, pause and fill themselves before they move into action.

When we go into the pause and the silence, we hear answers to our questions.

What am I committed to?

What am I choosing to leave behind this year?

What experience and feelings do I invite in and give myself permission to have?

There is an evolutionary cycle ending now. It’s big!

What that means to you is that this is a time to end and release the stuff that no longer works for you.

What are you ready to let go of? Is it old patterns of taking care of everyone else at your expense, self-doubt, worry, control, constantly being busy, guilt, regret, or self-criticism?

Is it time to end the people-pleasing that leaves so many stuck and not living the life and work they really want?

Under the stars tonight mark this point as a change of a new cycle! It’s a time for expanding your self-trust.

You’ve got this! You’ve come a long way.

You are not who you were at the beginning of the year. Pause to acknowledge yourself and celebrate!

Yesterday at age 50 I skied for the first time. I did better than I expected. But isn’t that how it happens for most of us?

We desire an experience but we wonder if we are enough to do it. Then if we’re smart we employ the support of others. (Yes, I had a seven-hour lesson.)

And though we may fall and have some (or many) failed attempts, we eventually stand and realize we were enough all along.

I had a point early on yesterday where I compared myself to the rest of my family as they picked up the skill more quickly. Thoughts like “I am not what I used to be“ and “this is for them, not for me” entered my mind. I wondered if I should head back early so I didn’t hold them back.

But I took a breath. Readjusted my mind and leaned in. By the end of the day, I was making it down the mountain with all of them.

My lesson: Don’t judge yourself for how long it takes. Masterpieces are worth the wait.

Oh, and I made sure to celebrate myself back at the hotel!

This new first experience came because I took the pause. Slowed it down and allowed myself to be present.

What I am saying is exhale. Pause. Rest. Ground yourself and restore.

You have time. There is no rush. The mountain will be there.

I am off to my mountain now…to practice myself and the craft more.

Together, we’ve got this. Happy Sweet New Year, friend!


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