Creating, Cultivating and Keeping Relationships Without Guessing and Winging It

Have you ever wondered why it can seem so easy to connect with some people and so difficult to connect with others, whether it’s your clients, potential customers, or even your kids? In today’s podcast, I’ll show you a four step method you can use to emotionally connect with people so that you can enjoy richer relationships and positively influence others while you achieve your dreams.

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In this podcast you will…

  • 3:50 Uncover the real reason your clients buy from you—it’s not what you think
  • 5:03  Discover the unique differentiator to transforming relationships and how you can use it
  • 6:30 Identify the three mistakes high-talented individuals make that keep them from ‘connecting’ with others
  • 7:41  Know the three questions to get into the conversation your client is having in their head
  • 8:15   Develop the skill to reroute difficult moments with empathy
  • 12:33  Understand the four skills to connect every time…without the second guessing
  • 17:02   Become a New Generation Relationship Cultivator from the inside out

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About Rita Hyland

As a Business and Life Coach, Rita works with highly motivated professionals who, despite their level of success and achievements, are not happy or satisfied. Often, they’re “successful” by traditional standards, yet unfulfilled based on their own. They know they want more and are ready to have it.

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