The #1 Thing Sales Performers Must Do To Expand Their Bottom Lines

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What To Do When Bad Things Happen

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Caring Less So You Can Become More

Do you ever feel like you’re in an endless state of catering to the opinions of others? Is your mind, too often, occupied by seeking to impress or meet others’ arbitrary expectations instead of on what really matters most? You can listen to the full podcast episode here, or continue reading below. … Read more


3 Simple Questions to Help Master the Art and Strategy of Addressing Conflict

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Create Your Own Success Formula with a Post-Game Review

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Step-By-Step Sensational Summer Blueprint

Four sets of wide-eyes looked at me in surprise. Their mouths were silent.  Their expressions were a combination of “Wow, mom! We did all that this summer?”  and “I can’t believe you saw it!” We were out to breakfast at a local diner just days before returning to school after summer … Read more


Three Steps to Streamline and Fulfill Your Optimal Day at Work and Home

If you’re like most people I meet you’re passionate about your career or mission AND you have a robust personal life (or your kids do), that keeps you struggling to fit in your priorities. Perhaps you’ve had thoughts like these… “I’m smart, highly functioning, and have achieved a decent level … Read more