10 Questions To Answer And Ensure The Year You Deserve

It’s almost here!  Are you ready?   The doors to “It’s My Year” are opening tomorrow at 10:00 EST!

You may not know this about me. I get giddy, (even geeky) excited about designing, visualizing and planning  an extraordinary life.  My favorite days are when I schedule nothing but designing and visualizing things that have never happened.  (I schedule at least two of these days a year.) 

Why?  Because years ago at the advice of a coach, after a year of struggle and disappointment, I wrote down my dream year and created a plan.

It ranged from starting my own business, to meeting my soul mate, to getting out of debt, to traveling with friends, to going back to school, and being confident and happy about my present and future.

In essence, I imagined things that had never been but wanted to experience.

I wrote it all down. I created a plan.  This is where I began.

Skip to the end of the story:  everything I imagined and planned became real.

There are a lot of things you might consider essential for creating a 2015 that rings, “this is my year,” but from a playing full out and living bold and fulfilled point of view, nothing is as important as resetting, thinking bigger, digging deep, and planning.

There are lots of things that are more urgent…

Not a lot of things are more important.

So if you haven’t considered your aspirations for the year just yet, I’m giving you some questions to begin. 

These are some of the questions right out of my own playbook.


1. What were your biggest accomplishments of 2014?

2. What lessons have you learned from those accomplishments?

3. What were your biggest disappointments of 2014?

4. What did you learn from those disappointments?

5. What do you want more of in you your relationships, career, business, and life experience in 2015?

6. What would it feel like to accomplish or experience these?

7. What would it cost you if you didn’t?

8. If you knew for a fact that this was “your year” to (fill in the blank) what bold decision do you need to make right now to support your goal?

9. If you knew for a fact this was the year you finally (fill in the blank) what two bold action steps would you commit to take right now?

10.  What BING (big, inspiring, new goal) do you want to set for yourself this year? 


Some of us will drift our way through another year.  I’ve done it. 

Others will deliberately create their year by deciding to ‘play big’ based on what happiness and success means to them.   I’ve done that too. 

What I know for certain is the ride is much more fulfilling and exciting when you do it with a vision and plan…and a team of support.

I’ve decided  this year to commit to being in the best physical, emotional, spiritual and financial shape of my life.  But my decision isn’t enough.  

My mindset, focus, plan, consistent action, and team of accountability must follow to manifest this dream.

You can make 2015 the best year too! But have you decided and are you ready?

My advice is to give yourself whatever support you need to guarantee -not just hope–that this is YOUR year. 

If it hasn’t occurred yet, what will you do differently this year?

If you don’t have the answer, then who can you get to help?

Again, the doors to “It’s My Year” Life open tomorrow at 10:00 am EST.  I’d be thrilled to help you fulfill your greatest potential.

Let’s get started doing the impossible!

With great excitement for you and what is to come,


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