My Pledge to Be the Best Version of Me

In the world I envision…

I am led by a vision that inspires me.

I live my true calling and support others to bravely go forth and do the same.

I lead from love with integrity, courage, and vulnerability and am quick to change when I see my fear-based thinking at play.

I own and use my power to fully do, be and have whatever I truly desire, never buying into the illusion that I am a victim to people or circumstances.

I tune into my intuition first to make decisions and to access the oceans of insight, wisdom, and creative solutions that lie within me.

I feel confident in having overcome “the-I’m-not-enough-trap,” never equating my worth to my results or seeking external approval.

I see through the eyes of abundance rather than the lens of scarcity, knowing and trusting that there is more than enough for all.

I commit to live as a model of inspiration to my children and other parents I encounter.

When I tell my children “you can do and be anything,” my children believe me because I have made them feel heard, valued and understood – demonstrating that I love, accept and celebrate them exactly as they are.

I encourage each person to own that they are “the special” – sent here to make a difference one person at a time by summoning the courage to share their unique gift even if it’s uncomfortable.

I surround myself with others who thrive outside their comfort zone and are energized by testing their edges. Together we exceed the limits of our individual thinking and discover who we are and our true capabilities.

I remain present and ‘in the moment’ so you feel welcomed into my life without wondering if you are an inconvenience or bother to my day.

After spending an hour with me, I want you to feel more authentically you, to believe in the strength of your spirit, to see the possibility of your future, and feel greater joy in your heart than when we began our conversation.

I never want to forget that life is short, and that my charge is to step out and live boldly, love richly, and create a life that matters.

This is the world I envision and to which I dedicate my life to call forth.

For this I know with certainty:

Each one of us has a unique reason for being here…

One person showing up at their best has a ripple effect…

The changes I make affect generations to come…

And it’s never too late to fulfill the best version of me!