Meet Rita

Rita Hyland coaches leaders to experience their own breakthroughs, but it all began with her own crisis and a startling awakening.


“Your life will expand to fit the size of the story you create for yourself.”

Rita Hyland

Successful on Paper

Though not my only wake-up call, this was the one that got my attention. I was standing on the L platform in Chicago, exhausted. I stood still. My breath was labored. Suddenly my body couldn’t move.

At the time I was successful by the numbers. My life looked good on paper, but I knew I was simply going through the motions. Trying to achieve society’s traditional idea of ‘success’ had taken a toll on my spirit. Now grinding it out in the financial district had claimed my body.

I didn’t understand why. I had achieved tangible results my whole life by being driven, ambitious and hard-working like my father, a Colonel in the U.S. Army. Now no matter how hard or long I worked, I was neither content nor living the life I wanted. The only method I knew no longer worked. Then it happened.

How Everything Shifted

Forced out of work for eight weeks due to my failing health, I began working with someone highly skilled at asking me questions I had never even thought about before. Observations of my patterns, why I was getting the results I was getting, the story I had constructed for myself.

Suddenly one afternoon, I ‘woke’ up. I realized there were things in life that I couldn’t NOT do, that it would be UNACCEPTABLE to reach the end of my life and not have worked on.

Within 90 days my whole life changed. I created a transition plan to start my own company. My income increased dramatically. I travelled to Europe. Soon I experienced a sense of well-being and satisfaction I had never known before.

People began asking me “What exactly did you do?” and “Can you show me how?”

Work That Matters

Since then I’ve become an expert at coaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners, and driven professionals how to wake-up and experience their own breakthroughs.

I help these passionate leaders and change-makers stop busily doing what no longer works so they can deliberately design and then live their ideal life.

My Vision for You

What I am committed to is showing people that they can lead businesses and lives they love and get what they want in a way that doesn’t leave them depleted, frenetic, and overwhelmed.

The big myth of today is that we will be happy once we achieve success in a traditional sense – fame, money, power and climbing the corporate ladder. This myth has trapped our leaders and society in an unsustainable state of grinding it out – rather than creating the meaningful change in their businesses and lives that they are capable of and that the world desperately needs.

My philosophy is that life only gets as good as you can stand it. Our ability to expand our experiences and what we create is in direct correlation to our mind’s story about it. Expand your story and you expand your life.


I am an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, wife, and mother of three active children. I know personally the challenges of the many roles we have in today’s complex world. I’ve made enough mistakes to stand by my conviction that in every moment we have the power to overcome challenges and make a difference as we create the business and life we want.

I love running, yoga, walking, spinning, aha moments, breakthroughs, and all things that help me shatter self-imposed limitations. I have an insatiable appetite and expertise for learning about changing human behavior, brain science, leadership and spirituality. I have a nightstand of reading that reflects this first-love.

I believe that when you change your world, you change the world. I am honored to help each individual I engage with to do just that.

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