Coaching – What We Do

Attaining Self Mastery

To ensure the second half of your life continues to get even better than the first requires being deliberate.
With Rita Hyland you get a clear and proven process from an experienced change catalyst with a knack for telling it like it is.

“Let’s face it, a half version of you is not enough. The world needs you at your fullest. We only have one shot at this life, and there’s no reason not to play it full out.”

Rita Hyland

The Playing Full Out StrategyTM

Playing Full Out - for coaching pageThe outcomes you enjoy require self mastery while targeting extreme levels of personal achievement, guided by 7 Steps of “The Playing Full Out Strategy TM

The Framework introduces proven tools and cutting edge methodologies to become more aware, focused, productive, energized, confident and fulfilled – qualities that accelerate your impact as a conscious leader and change-maker.

Working with Rita in this way you will:

*Renew your approach to others and your work.
*Identify breakthrough solutions to personal and professional challenges previously deemed impossible to solve.
*Do the ‘deep-dive’ necessary to help you make better decisions.