Coaching – Is This You?

The Pace of Your Success

Leaders are finding themselves overextended and trapped by the pace of the very success they created. Focused on one opportunity or challenge after another, they barely have a chance to breathe in a frenetic, over-interrupted world.

But the overwhelm you’ve come to accept as “normal” isn’t just an annoyance.

It threatens delivering on your greatest potential.

“If we don’t make the time to create the life we want, eventually we are forced to spend most of our time navigating a life that’s functioning but not fabulous.”

Rita Hyland

Becoming Your Best

Rita Hyland works with proactive and growth-minded leaders – CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs and driven professionals — those who already feel stretched beyond their capacity.
They come to Rita because remaining static or being “fine” is no longer acceptable.
They want to upgrade their life. They want to raise their game.
These are leaders unafraid to ask themselves tough questions:

  • “Can I be more deliberate in planning the outcomes in my life and business?”
  • “How can I make sure I’m at my best more often – in leadership AND in life?”
  • “What will it take to tackle that one thing I’ve been waiting to change?”
  • “I’m wanting something more – how do I discover what it is?”
  • “How can I answer this calling to make a greater difference?”

Rita’s highest impact work is helping leaders deepen their self-knowledge, renew their approach to others and their work, boost their joy in life, and uncover breakthrough solutions to personal and professional challenges previously deemed impossible.

It’s never too late to live the best version of you.

Take advantage of a complimentary strategy session one-on-one directly with Rita. Together you will explore your needs and whether there is a good fit.

Either way, you will leave the strategy session with greater clarity around what you want and how to overcome a block that may be holding you back.

Complete our client brief and we will contact you within 48 hours to set an appointment.