Coaching – Getting Started

“My expertise? Rapid change for those who want to be at the top of their game personally and professionally.”

Rita Hyland

The Framework Behind Our Success

Rita Hyland uses a practical disciplined approach to help clients improve their performance and happiness from the very first meeting.

  1. Your complimentary strategy session

    Your first discussion is a free 30-minute session to assess whether you both sense a good fit. From this initial call, you will come away with greater clarity around your goals, what is blocking you, and commitments for next actions. Rita will recommend a coaching package for your unique needs and quote you a fee for moving forward at the conclusion of this session.

  2. Scheduling one-on-one private coaching sessions

    Getting started simply requires that you confirm your decision to move forward in the coaching relationship. Based on Rita’s availability to take on new individual clients, you will compare schedules and determine a regular time to meet.

    • One-hour sessions are scheduled at a regular time in advance. You meet twice per month in order to sustain your momentum and make meaningful progress between meetings. If your goals require more frequent meetings, Rita remains flexible to meet your needs. The time slot is reserved exclusively for you to foster consistent action and progress.
    • Coaching by phone for flexibility. Your sessions are via telephone so that you can benefit no matter where you happen to be. When proximity permits, Rita may be available for in-person sessions as well.
  3. Pre-work

    Before beginning regular scheduled sessions, you will complete pre-work to jumpstart and support a strong foundation for success together.

  4. Confidentiality

    Your work with Rita is completely confidential from her perspective. That means that unless you choose to share it with another person, nothing that you discuss will ever be revealed, not even the fact that you are coaching with her. While many clients refer their spouses and friends earnestly, whether anyone knows about your coaching is solely up to you.

  5. No long-term contract

    Clients continue working with Rita because they see immediate value in working together. You may discontinue the coaching relationship at any time at your discretion.

Get Started

Start with the complimentary strategy session one-on-one directly with Rita.
Complete our client brief and we will contact you within 48 hours to set an appointment.