Client praise

Rita Hyland has helped hundreds of top performers create breakthroughs.

“Her directness propelled me to the next level.”

The results of working with Rita far surpassed my expectations. As a business owner, what initially seemed like a costly proposition I now see as a bargain. The issues which were clouding my life (some not even apparent to me) have vanished.

“I’ve gone from liking who I am to absolutely loving my life.
It feels great. And it has stuck.”

Rita doesn’t hesitate to question my assumptions, conclusions or motives. That directness has propelled me to the next level. In just a few sessions I became more centered, more focused and more relaxed about my business and life direction.

Even in my love life, I went from “don’t have it, don’t need it, don’t want it” to “OMFG, why was I missing out on this???”

My advice? Stop hesitating and call Rita right now. You will never look back. Her coaching can change your life.

Steve Kreis, IL
Kreis Tool and Mfg. Co., Inc.

“One week, an exercise Rita assigned yielded a business idea.”

One year ago, I was feeling stuck. Deep down, I knew I wanted more and could do and be much more, but I wasn’t clear on what “more” was and I didn’t have the tools to discover my dreams or make progress toward those dreams. At the beginning of our work, it seemed like the assigned reading and exercises uncovered more challenges than solutions. Yes, I figured out what I wanted to do – leave my high-paying job at a high growth healthcare company and start my own company. But I also uncovered a long list of fears. How would I come up with a good business idea? Would I be qualified to run my own company? Would my husband support me? How would I fund it? Would I regret leaving my job and my stock options behind? How would I coordinate starting a business with starting a family and with my husband’s desire to also make a career change?

“Now I can wake up any day and
design something new that I want out
of life and make it happen.”

One week, an exercise Rita assigned yielded a business idea. Then came her challenges that helped me to engage in true, open conversations with my husband with outcomes that I had never dreamed of. Then action plans and “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” started to turn up solutions to my “how” challenges.

Today, I am eight months pregnant AND starting a build-out on the space in which I am going to open my business in February. My husband is my biggest supporter. Every day, I am creating the life that I want to live. Most days, I encounter a new challenge that could leave me stuck again, too afraid to keep going or too worried about the “how.” But I have transformed how I manage through those fears and I have tools from my work with Rita that I can leverage to keep progressing. The most exciting take-away is that I know that what I am working on now is just the beginning.

Jamie Russo
CEO and Co-Founder of Enerspace
Chicago, IL

“An investment that has yielded incredible returns for me and for my family.”

I came to Rita with what I think is a very common situation today: happily married but on the verge of losing the spark; wonderful children but not enough quality interactions with them; and a successful career filled with high stress and perpetual dissatisfaction.

During one of the most tumultuous points in my career, and in a surprisingly short period of time, Rita was able to help me reignite the spark in my marriage and dramatically increase the quality time I spend with my kids. All this while I successfully navigated my career challenges.

“Thanks to Rita I navigated my career
challenges, ended up extremely
satisfied with all that I accomplished,
and adeptly managed my stress level.”

The simple mantra from Rita that guided me through this period, and continues to guide me daily, is “be happy because you exist, not because of your accomplishments.” Ironically my accomplishments have been piling on since I adopted the mantra and this I attribute to having better focus on my goals and improved satisfaction with my life both at and outside of work.

Working with Rita is an investment that has yielded incredible returns for me and for my family. I highly recommend her to anybody, regardless of your career. We all need a “tune-up” every now and then and Rita has a unique talent for her work.

Account Manager
Software Company
New Jersey

“From where I stand now, it frightens me that I almost didn’t hire Rita.”

Thanks to Rita I’ve become a better decision maker and boss, no longer avoiding difficult conversations. She helped me see how my fear of the consequences if I raised my fees was completely unjustified. True, I lost one client out of 100, but I paid off our debt, stockpiled working capital and purchased two company cars.

“Don’t call Rita unless you are ready to
live bold, rich and free because your
life is about to change rapidly!”

I have learned how to prioritize and now plan each day the night before so that I wake up with a clear vision of what’s waiting for me every day. I see things being DONE and this absolutely energizes me!

Gosia Baran, IL
Helping Hands Cleaning Services

“Rita is an outstanding listener who cuts to the chase.”

Since working with Rita I have gone from not even believing I could sell to being the top sales person in my organization, bringing in over $2.5M annually (in a $15M organization).

“I’m now the top sales person
in the organization”

As an organizational leader I found her tools for organizing, focusing and insuring success outstanding. She demonstrates through her own life how success is in the little things done daily and regularly. I would highly recommend Rita to any professional who is highly successful, but dissatisfied.”

Rhoda Makled, MI
Vice President of Sales
Q Research Solutions

“An immensely positive influence on all aspects of my life.”

I was struggling with my self-image as a manager and had serious concerns about my ability to be effective in my organization.

Then I had a chance to speak with Rita. Ten sessions later I emerged self-confident in my management future. But as important, was the effect that Rita had on my personal life. She has the philosophy of working with the whole person. So as I improved my executive skills, I also improved my relationships with my husband and children.

“It’s rare to find one individual who can
touch and influence so many different
kinds of personalities and be effective
with all of them.”

Now Rita has been my Executive Coach on and off for three years. I’ve been so impressed with my professional and personal growth under her guidance that I have given five others in my organization the chance to learn from her as well. All of them have benefited and grown in a way that is obvious to others.

Rita has had an immensely positive influence on all aspects of my life. I’ve laughed with her and I’ve cried with her. She has a wisdom about relationships, personal growth, and self-awareness that has touched me profoundly.”

Senior Manager
Large consumer products company

“An entirely new and exciting direction in which I have thrived.”

My experience with Rita has been invaluable over the past 11 years. The first time I worked with Rita, I was struggling professionally, financially, and personally. The changes that occurred in the next 18 months moved my life in an entirely new and exciting direction in which I have thrived.

More recently, I wanted to challenge myself to a higher level. As a regional sales professional, I worked with Rita to expand my business and at the same time reduce and better manage my administrative workload. In the past six months

“I reduced my hourly work week by 6
hours and got my weekends back.”

while many have experienced decreases in their financial state, I increased my income from bonus and commissions by 26%. At the same time I added business, I reduced my hourly work week by 6 hours and got my weekends back to do more of what I love!

I recommend Rita for anyone who wants to get the job they desire, increase their wealth, take back control of their life, or create a balanced life that works well and have more confidence and fun while doing it.”

Melissa Healy
Sales Manager

“Very gifted at helping you find your goals and priorities.”

Rita is a standout professional. She understands the complexity we each have with respect to work/ life balance. She is very gifted at helping you find your goals and priorities and then sets in motion action plans to help you achieve them. She is great at what she does & delivers fantastic results. I highly recommend Rita!”

Michael Walsh CFP®

“A newfound awareness of what makes me tick.”

Rita has helped all aspects of my life through her very professional and knowledgeable manner of guiding me to an awareness of what makes me tick. I can attribute my success at work, making more money in less hours, at home, having more enjoyable times with my children and husband and for myself. I would not be as successful or as happy without the coaching of Rita. I highly recommend her services.”

Maura Siegenthaler
Vice President and Co-Owner
Lind Media Company
Mansfield, OH

“I would not have seen such wild success without Rita.”

Before I began coaching with Rita, I was overweight by more than 100 pounds. I had thousands of dollars of debt from credit cards, bills, and taxes. I was single and felt lonely. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going in life. Though I had good friends, a good job, and success in some areas of my life, all this other baggage kept bringing me down. I would come home feeling empty at night, like something was missing.

“I still face challenges on a daily basis,
but no longer feel trapped and stuck.”

Five and a half years later, working with Rita has made all the difference. After spending time with Rita for several rounds of coaching sessions since 2004, I have created positive changes in all areas of my life. By the numbers I have seen significant successes in the following areas:

  • I lost over 100 pounds (I used to weigh over 300);
  • I’ve completed two marathons, (I used to get winded just walking across the parking lot);
  • I eliminated $15,000 in debt (I owed friends, colleagues, credit card companies, and Uncle Sam);
  • I saw a 65% jump in income on two separate occasions;
  • I married the perfect partner with whom I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life;
  • We just had our first child.

I still face challenges on a daily basis. The difference is that before I felt trapped and stuck. Today I find peace and confidence knowing that I have the power and ability to face fear and continue moving forward.

Rita is a premium option when it comes to life coaches, and when it comes to life, there should be no other option but to work with the best. I fully endorse Rita’s work as a coach. I would not have seen such wild success, had I not chosen to start working with her.”

Andrew Kirschner
Director of Trade Development
Chicago, IL

“She will always pinpoint one of your core issues. I found it to be remarkable”

I never thought that somebody could really understand me and all my complex thinking patterns and challenges, let alone a stranger. Then I spoke to Rita.

Rita is like a doctor that asks you a couple questions, listens intently, and then simply presses on your body and says “does that hurt?” Doing this she will always pinpoint one of your core issues. I found it to be remarkable. The more she did that, the more I realized that she was understanding me and who I am.

“Rita is like a doctor who knows what’s
wrong just by asking a few questions.”

Rita has helped me deal with loss & vulnerability, put failure into perspective and most important to me encourage me to fulfill my passion and purpose in life. Purpose in life might sound cliché but if you really stop and think about it, we all want to do something with our lives. Rita enables you to identify your passions and then empowers you to accomplish them. There are many seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life that prevent you from pursuing your life’s passions. Rita puts these obstacles into perspective. Until I met her I never realized how your own brain can fool you and prevent you from acting.

Now in between visits as I navigate through life, I can actually hear Rita’s encouragement and advice.

Frank Nanna
Senior Engineer
TRICOR Systems, Inc.