The Single Most Important Factor to Making Money

Lately I’ve heard a lot of people concerned about their finances and money. They are worried and afraid. This fear is generating a horrible stench of desperation which is further destroying actual financial security or the possibility of it. What perhaps is most interesting to me (yet not surprising) is … Read more

How To Identify What Project To Do Next

Did you know Henry Fonda was still throwing up before each stage performance, even when he was seventy-five? It turns out Henry Fonda was struggling with what Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, calls Resistance. This is a fabulous, must-read book I encourage you to read if you … Read more

Do you ‘do You?’

Thank you for all of the great questions you’ve been sending for “Ask Rita Live.” Keep ‘em coming. Last night I looked over those questions you’ve sent and that I haven’t gotten to yet. I was seeking “the question behind the question” and I found a common thread. You might … Read more

Do You Suffer From An “Upper Limit” Problem?

Is your life as good as you can stand it? If your answer is “no,” then I believe you’ll absolutely want to watch today’s video. Find out the REAL reason you aren’t maintaining or getting what you want. In this video you’ll learn how to recognize if you are suffering … Read more