Do You Know Your Partner’s Love Language?

My husband came home with a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day last year. I was thankful but not ‘feeling the love.’ Before you decide I’m an ungrateful spouse, hear me out. I love flowers. I really do. But for me love is best communicated through words of affirmation. Gary … Read more

The Secret to Uncovering Your Passion

My mission this year is to change lives by supporting individuals to get paid to do work they love! My clients and I are off to a phenomenal start! Experience shows me that when people do work they are passionate about the positive effect ripples out to their families, colleagues, … Read more

Top Ten Reasons Why Smart, Forward-Thinking, High-Achievers Still Don’t Get The Business, Career, Money, Relationship and Fulfillment They Really Want

10. When attempting to get clear on what they want, they defer to logic for what is possible, settling instead for what they believe is their “level.” 9. They have a vague, blurry vision about what they want and therefore, get vague, blurry results; more certain about what they don’t … Read more

The “How-To-Figure-Out-What-You-Want-Guide”

Like most people, you probably want a more stress-free, fulfilling and passion-filled life—but are you aware of how to make this dream a reality? If you could uncover what keeps you from the life you desire and figure out how to obtain it, what difference would it make to your … Read more

What Dare Or Leap Is Beckoning You?

In my business I never ask anyone to do anything I don’t do. It’s an integrity thing for me. I’m sort of a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is type of gal. After all, people don’t do what you say. They do what you do. How can I ask my client to dare to launch … Read more

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work (Video)

”If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you.” ~ Nigel Marsh I’ve made some mistakes since I graduated college. One of the biggest was letting a well-meaning corporation design my life for me. I gave it permission. I own the mistake. Thankfully, I’ve learned the … Read more