How To Re-Wire Your Competing Commitments

Matt, a 48-year-old busy executive, clutched his chest as the pain hit. Fear shot up through his entire body as he realized he was having a heart attack. He thought about dying, about missing his kids’ graduations, their weddings, their futures. After a moment, the pain subsided. But the fear … Read more

Do You Know Your Partner’s Love Language?

My husband came home with a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day last year. I was thankful but not ‘feeling the love.’ Before you decide I’m an ungrateful spouse, hear me out. I love flowers. I really do. But for me love is best communicated through words of affirmation. Gary … Read more

The Secret to Uncovering Your Passion

My mission this year is to change lives by supporting individuals to get paid to do work they love! My clients and I are off to a phenomenal start! Experience shows me that when people do work they are passionate about the positive effect ripples out to their families, colleagues, … Read more

The “How-To-Figure-Out-What-You-Want-Guide”

Like most people, you probably want a more stress-free, fulfilling and passion-filled life—but are you aware of how to make this dream a reality? If you could uncover what keeps you from the life you desire and figure out how to obtain it, what difference would it make to your … Read more