Five Questions to Frame Your Strategic Life Plan

I recently returned from a family trip in Washington DC. Nine of my family members toured the Nation’s Capitol together for four days. Some might consider the trip aggressive. Others, even crazy. Our group of nine ranged in age from 7 to 73. We toured along with hundreds of thousands … Read more


How to Give EXACTLY What Your Spouse Wants

My husband came home with a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day a few years ago. I was thankful but not ‘feeling the love.’ Before you decide I’m an ungrateful spouse, hear me out. I love flowers. I really do. But for me love is best communicated through words of … Read more


What Holds You Back From Making the Progress You Want

If you’re like me, you’re feeling excitement as you start toward your shiny new goals and aspirations this year. You may also be feeling some hesitancy about your big plans. After all, you’ve been working on some of these goals for months — maybe years– and you want more than … Read more


10 Questions To Make 2016 Magical and Intentional

It’s here! Are you ready? You may not know this about me. I get uber-excited about resetting, designing and planning the New Year. I schedule at least I one day to do nothing but visualizing and planning. Why? Because years ago at the advice of a mentor, after a year … Read more


End of Year Review: The Best and Worst of 2015

I’ve sent this exercise out for the past several years before New Year’s Eve, and each year I get requests to send it again. I’ll make this short and sweet. I’ve done this exercise for the past six years and since then every year I have grown my business, made a … Read more


Are You Doing You?

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about how to step up to your next level and get what you really want. In my work as a Life Coach I receive many questions from people along these lines…how can I get paid to do work I love? How do I … Read more


Before Saying “Yes,” Answer Four Simple Questions

When I stood on the El platform after arriving at my stop in downtown Chicago, I realized I couldn’t move.  My breath was labored. I could see what I needed to do, but my body wouldn’t do it. This was my first introduction to the concept of balance.  I was … Read more


Ever Been Stuck In Your Story? This Will Help.

I recall several years ago my husband leaving for two weeks to China. It’s not unusual travel for him now, but in the beginning of our marriage it wasn’t easy. The first time he went we had an 18-month old daughter, and I was five months pregnant with our second.  … Read more


Your Reset Button When Work or Life Knock You Down

When my computer starts giving me lackluster or “wonky” results that I don’t understand or like, the easiest thing to do is hit the “restart” button.  Just yesterday I pushed it when my wireless printer went down.  One minute later—BAM! — I was up and running again. Don’t you wish … Read more