Expose Your Audience to Peak Performance

“Rita’s presentation style is lively and authentic.”
“Her stories and strategies are transformational.”
“The content is sensible, practical, actionable, fast and proven.”

An expert at changing behavior, Rita’s seminars offer real deal tangible training. She uses cutting edge practices to move your audience to reset, dig deep, think bigger, and take the leap needed to thrive in their work and lives.

Corporations bring Rita in for interactive workshops to rejuvenate their teams and motivate then to live the most fulfilling lives they can.  This leads to greater personal and professional fulfillment and motivation.  Rita offers her tools to help employees break through the personal and professional barriers in a hectic world that are preventing them from leading their optimal life at work and home.

When your invite Rita, be prepared to challenge your thinking, blast through your blocks and unleash your peak performance, fullest potential, and core passion.



  • Play Full Out: The Secret to Taking Bolder Action & Having a Greater Impact
  • Raise Your Upper Limit: Upgrade Your Business, Life and Happiness Threshold and Live the Life You Want in the Next 90 Days
  • “What Next?” Why What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and the Seven-Step Formula to Ensure Your Next Half is Your Best Half
  • Reset: How to Stop Being Busy Doing What Doesn’t Work So You Can Overcome Overwhelm, Manage your Life Instead of Your Days, and Be Calm, Centered, and Confident Even in the Midst of Chaos

Contact Rita about speaking to your group at [email protected] or by calling 630-833-1066.